Wall Decal, Always Kiss Me Goodnight Romantic Marriage Married Mr Mrs Husband Wife Bride Groom Wedding Gift Personalized Word Art Vinyl , at GroovyGiftables.com

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Important Info:

  • Please email us @ ItsGroovy@GroovyGiftables.com if you have any questions or need to submit necessary details for a personalized product order.
  • Visit http://GroovyGiftables.com for other design styles and product types!
  • Design is Copyright Groovy Giftables ™ and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.

Product Details:

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Romantic Marriage Married Mr Mrs Husband Wife Bride Groom Wedding Gift - vinyl wall decal.

This vinyl wall decal is available in multiple sizes and colors, please choose your preference when purchasing. Sizes are shown in INCHES, and are approximate.

* Finish - Matte (on walls looks stylishly painted on)
* Adhesive - Water based removable
* Indoor durability - 3+ years (most last as long as 10 years)
* Outdoor Durability - 1 year +
* Thickness - 3 mils
* Waterproof - Yes (not the best choice for constant water exposure and may come off in a dishwasher.)

*** Please note that due to the way monitors display in general and depending on your monitor calibration colors on screens may appear different than real life.


Vinyl decals are similar to die cut items and once installed will show your wall or surface through all non design/empty design spaces.

---> Please keep in mind that sizes are an approximation. All sizes are provided as a guideline not a definite final size. Sizes are calculated for sale including negative spaces (spaces around and between words and accents as shown in the design sample).

These are custom created, sizes can vary for those shown, some natural trimming and several factors can affect the actual final size you receive:
- Size listed for purchase will vary according to word/name length and height on personalized designs.
- Small variations during the cutting process.
- Factors on your end like how close or far apart words and elements are placed when you physically put them onto your surface (closer together = smaller, while further apart = larger).

For shipping purposes and ease of use decals may be trimmed into individual parts and negative (non design) spaces removed. When applied to your surface spaced out as shown in the design preview it will be approximately close to those listed for your purchase.

Designs with different colors or creative accent pieces can require the pieces to be placed individually for layering and/or placing according to your own creative process. You may need to trim the decals apart or they may come already trimmed.

We try to ship our wall decals with both ease of use and creative flexibility in mind, and we try to stay as true to the original intended graphic size as possible, but there will be small variances.

Every vinyl wall decal comes as a three-layered piece:
--) The sticky transfer tape.
--) The sticky vinyl decal design.
--) The non-sticky backing paper.


Don't let the word "wall" limit you! Vinyl wall decals can go on almost any clean, smooth, dry interior surface (walls, mirrors, doors, metal, glass windows and picture frames, plastic, etc.)

Vinyl wall decals are removable although not usually reusable. They are officially rated to last 3 years indoors, but real life experience shows than can last much longer (up to 10 years). If used outdoors or regularly exposed to weather they may not adhere or last as long as listed here.

Please be aware: Stain resistant paints also tend to resist decal installation or anything sticking to the surface, as well as low or zero VOC paints. Textured, chalky, damaged, peeling, cracked, or other problematic surfaces, or surface that will have out-gassing may also cause vinyl wall decals to resist adhering or bubble. Please keep this in mind when planning the surface you wish to install your decal to. We do have tips in our installation instructions (linked below) to help try to get the vinyl to adhere to problematic surfaces but we cannot guarantee adhesion to all surfaces or surface types. Test a small area if possible prior to applying your vinyl wall decal design.

- We will include a small test piece if requested with your order.

Newly painted walls need at least 3 weeks to cure prior to putting decals on their surface.


If you need instructions on how to apply your decal or remove it please visit our website:


Decals are custom made in the USA. Custom created, at the time of order, and shipped from Florida, USA. Wall decals are created using Oracal 631 an industry standard for removable vinyl decals. Transfer Tape will either be Preview Plus Medium Tack Clear Tape, or HT55 Film Transfer Tape. Either tape is highly recommended for Oracal 631 wall decal installation. It is important to get decals installed correctly on the first try. Be sure to check the bottom of the listing for installation links and tips. Vinyl is different than other "sticker" material, and can take some specific steps and techniques to apply... so following the instructions is very important for successful application.

Please contact me at anytime if you need help and have questions prior or during installation! I am always more than happy to help the process go smoothly. :)

Have a look at some video techniques for installing wall decals:



Decals have various sizes available and may not be shown to actual scale in the image provided. Please choose the size that best fits your needs from the available selection or contact us for custom options. :)

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