Best Mom Ever Hearts Leather Key Ring Fob, Mother's Day, Mom's Birthday, New Mom, Engraved Real Genuine Leather Quality Vegetable Tanned

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$ 16.00 USD

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Important Info:

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Product Details:

Created at the time of order.

Approximately 4 x 1.25 inches with key ring attached.

Real high quality natural vegetable tanned leather, dyed with brown leather dye. Engraved with the phrase Best Mom Ever and heart shapes.

Chicago screw hardware and key ring included (screw styles may vary according to stock).

A stylish and timeless gift for Mom - Mother’s Day, Birthday, or any time.

We take great care in providing quality products. This is a laser cut and handmade item. The photo(s) shown in the listing represent the finished item. Items will vary naturally as they are unique and one of a kind by their very nature, along with being custom made to order for each customer.

** Real leather is a natural product and no two pieces can ever be exactly the same. Leather can have natural character such as dimples, wrinkles, scars, grain, and textures. Leather can have variances in thickness. Leather thickness is usually measured in ounces. A weight of 8 oz. means the leather is approximately 8/64" in thickness or approximately 1/8" thick. The thickness of leather varies to some extent throughout the whole hide. We use high quality vegetable tanned leather hides in a range of 4 - 8 oz +/- by natural variances. **

Each piece starts as one of the most natural types of cow leather - vegetable tanned leather. We then laser cut the leather into the custom shape and engraved design, and finish by staining and conditioning. We craft this set from start to finish. All stain can have variances due to how leather accepts the processing, the type of dye, and variations in the natural leather color itself.

Through everyday use and as leather ages, it will become more supple and take on more glow and character. Leather loves the oil from our skin. Colors can change and blend through use and as it gets broken in. This is often called a patina. These real high quality genuine leather pieces can last a lifetime (or more) if cared for correctly and conditioned when needed.